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What is PPC?

PPC, or Pay Per Click Marketing, is… well… what it says on the tin. You pay per click, and by doing so, direct traffic to your website. Paying for the clicks isn’t the difficult part, however. The secret to effective PPC Digital Marketing is paying for the right clicks. The right clicks consist of a potential customer with an intent to purchase from your business.

PPC is Likely to be one of the highest return of investment-led digital marketing activities you will invest in. Pay Per Click Marketing via search engines is your go-to for a fast strategy in getting to your potential clients when they need you the most.

In the 21st century, if a person requires something from a supplier, one of the commonly used platforms is a search engine; such as Google. They search for a particular phrase and requirement; then choose their destination. At the top of the search results, before anything else are the Ads. Depending on the nature of search and industry, the Ads are clicked anywhere from 10% to 30% of the time over the organic searches. By investing in Pay Per Click Marketing, your business will join the ranks to acquire this Ad Traffic.

“Do these ads work though? I don’t think I personally click the Ads?”
The wonderful magic of PPC advertising is… you only Pay Per Click. So it’s essentially free to list. And if someone clicks your ad it means:
1) This person is looking for your solution.
2) They’ve browsed the search and chosen to come to your website.
3) If you’ve advertised correctly and your website provides what they’re looking for, you’ve won!

What is Pay Per Click
PPC Marketing with DISRUPT. Search Studios

PPC Marketing with DISRUPT. Search Studios

Search keywords and search phrases on search engines come in many shapes and sizes, but the keywords you THINK that you want to pay for, might not actually be the keywords you want to pay for. Confusing, yep?

DISRUPT. Search Studios has been around and running PPC Campaigns for many clients over the last 6 years. The best success in PPC comes from identifying failure quickly and nipping it in the bud before optimising and pursuing routes of success. Understanding success and failure within PPC Marketing comes with campaign experience and we’ve created, optimised and improved PPC campaigns throughout a range of industries. Through our experience, we’ve learned and understand Industries that thrive, niche industries and competitive industries – and with this historical data, can add an extra layer of confidence in saying: If we don’t think we can provide a return on your investment, we won’t take on the campaign.

Speak to us about how PPC can work hand-in-hand with SEO services. We are a specialist PPC and SEO Wigan agency

The Pay-Per-Click Process.

Step 1:

Industry. Competition. Search Terms. Keywords.

Even if we’ve worked in your industry before, it’s important we research and learn how you’re different. Understanding how your competition are advertising in the Ad Space and what your customers are searching for is where we begin our PPC Journey with you. We aim to understand your business thoroughly by the end of this stage, but we’re always continuously learning as we progress.

Step 2:
Strategy & Build.

We now understand the requirement and landscape of the field.

Armed with this information, we will devise a formulated strategy to present to you and your team so that you know exactly what we will be doing and how we will be doing it. It’s also a stage where, you as the the field experts, can identity gaps or opportunities as we move forward as a partnership. Then, we build the campaign on the search engine Ads platform.

Step 3:
Tracking & Optimisation.

Building a PPC campaign is only the start.

Through continuous (daily and weekly) monitoring, we’re able to watch for trends, opportunities, failures and successes while optimising as we go. Through this, we work on the improvement and growth of elements such as your: Campaign Optimisation Score, Click Through Rates, Bounce Rates and Conversion Rates; to name a few. In seeing these improve through optimisation, your business will begin seeing improved return on your pay per click investment.

Step 4:
Reporting & Return On Investment.

Keeping you in the know.

At the end of each month (or on a more regular basis depending on your investment and requirements) we will generate clear, easy to understand reports along with project meetings for complete transparency. Without any major time investments needed from yourself, you’ll understand what is happening, what is next and the success from each campaign.

What’s Next?

Start your PPC Journey with DISRUPT.

Start your PPC Journey with DISRUPT.

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