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The Disruptive SEO Wigan Agency.

The Disruptive SEO Wigan Agency.

A leading SEO Wigan agency specialising in Search Engine Optimisation

An award finalist, UK based SEO & PPC Agency with a specialist team providing SEO to businesses throughout the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Europe and Australia. Increasing leads, sales and revenue for SME’s.

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Generating organic search traffic through SEO in Wigan and throughout the UK

An SEO Wigan agency born in 2015, our entire service arsenal runs with search engine optimisation at its very core.

When asked point-blank ‘what we do’, we put our clients to the top of search rankings, increasing their websites traffic; resulting in increased conversions and revenue.

We’re proud to say that our SEO Wigan agency is a cost-neutral marketing extension to a business. This is because our SEO services when properly invested in produce a continued return on investment through expert search engine optimisation.

We also truly believe that we are one of the most transparent digital creative agencies nationwide. We use dedicated tools to allow for our time track monitoring, full work demonstrations and thorough explanations to you, the client.

Have you Google searched what you believe could be your top searched keyword and seen your biggest competitor at the top? One of the reasons they’re your biggest competitor is because they hold the No. 1 rank on the worlds most used search engine and, well, you don’t. As a specialist, SEO Wigan agency, We’d like to help you with that.

We do strongly advise that you don’t wait any longer, though. The longer you wait, the further the distance between you and your competitor is to the top spot. SEO is a medium-term to long-term digital marketing strategy for your business and is something you’ll wish you’d have started sooner. Let’s chat today!

SEO Agency Wigan
The Value of SEO Wigan

The Value of SEO Wigan.

Setting up a website without undertaking any form of serious traffic acquisition is exactly like opening up a shop in the desert. Pointless! Without a proper presence, potential customers won’t come across your digital shop front.

SEO stripped back is the most guaranteed, highest return on investment digital marketing service that you can invest in. Why?

Consider for a moment: When you last needed something but didn’t or couldn’t seek a peer recommendation, where did you turn?
The statistics say you jumped straight onto Google.

Now, as a searching customer, you typed in a very specific search term; known as a keyword or keyphrase. Naturally, this term brought up EXACTLY what you were looking for and statistics also say that – providing that you were serious about the enquiry or purchase – you were more likely to go ahead compared to when you last saw an advert on social media or received an email marketing send out.

Let’s turn the tables: A potential customer for your business is doing this exact journey right now. Every day, they are making their way to Google. Typing in a search term to find a business like you, and making a purchase or enquiry about the service or product. The question is, why aren’t you the one who’s up there getting those clicks and conversions?

Websites positioned in the top 3 get the majority of the search traffic and If you aren’t on the first page, it’s very unlikely that you’re getting found.

This is the value of search engine optimisation for your business.

The question isn’t whether your business can afford to invest in SEO Wigan, the question is… can your business afford NOT to invest in SEO Wigan?

The ‘Dark Arts’ of the SEO agency

Humorous yet relevant comments made about SEO to us in the past tend to come in the form of: “SEO is like a dark art… who knows what you do”. They’re not wrong. Search Engines don’t offer a detailed step-by-step guide to achieving that Number 1 position. Quite the opposite, it’s very open to interpretation.

It’s only through research, learning and experience that an SEO Wigan agency can truly understand what ranking triggers work well and what do not.

This aside, the ‘dark arts’ reputation to SEO gave us the inspiration of creating a process that offers nothing but transparency through and through. Taking away the ‘dark art’ and ‘unknown’ of what we do.

Internally, we’ve developed and implemented tools that allow for a full understanding of the work that we are performing to get your website ranking higher on search engines.

This includes client portals to view your website’s continuous improvements, content strategy planning and updates, keyword ranking reports and backlink reports.

We also provide detailed time tracking to showcase exactly when your SEO project is being worked on by our team.

Our SEO pricing is based on hours input and we have a strong belief that you should fully understand how and when we work on your SEO.

The more time that goes into SEO activity, the faster and higher you’ll move up the rankings. From general feedback, it’s apparent that there are too many SEO people who state that they’re performing SEO activity on a clients website. Then rarely show ranking improvement and never show true-time reports on hours worked.

As part of our mission and to ensure we’re different, you’ll never feel like you aren’t getting your value for money and you’ll always be up to date with when and how we’re working for you.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Strategies

Our Search Engine Optimisation Strategies.

SEO is constructed by a very complex web of activity. Even people with basic knowledge of Search engine optimisation can become quickly overwhelmed without an adaptable strategised framework.

We’ve developed our strategies through both success and failure. Our strategies adapt with varying budgets, expectations and industries. A main factor of strategy is competition. How difficult is it to rank in your industry?

Although the process begins with an initial strategy, it’s important that an SEO strategy evolves with the landscape.

If your business already has SEO Wigan activity, when was the strategy last addressed?
If you’re planning on giving SEO a go yourself in your spare time, do you know what search engine optimisation tools you’ll use to monitor how well the current strategy is going? Do you know how to properly use those tools?

These are essentially rhetorical questions otherwise it’s unlikely you’d be at this point on this page.

Our strategies are formed around the 4 pillars of SEO. These are: Technical, On-site, Content and Off-site.

To succeed long-term in SEO, it’s compulsory that your SEO strategy is built around these 4 pillars, dipping in and out of each on a regular basis.

These 4 pillars are, though, essentially 4 different job titles. Being an SEO Wigan agency, our strategies are able to use our own expert people for their strengths within the 4 pillars. It can be extremely difficult and rare for a non-specialist SEO Wigan agency or individual SEO Wigan consultant to perform all 4 of these pillars to the extent of what they need to be performed.

SEO activity can be an endless pit of unsuccessful work if the strategy is not formulated from the correct research, experience and continued planning.

SEO monthly reporting: Keeping you in the know.

An SEO report is used to help a client understand the activity and status of search engine optimisation of their website. They may be either manual or automatic and the information will be gathered from specialist SEO tools for monitoring website performance and keyword ranking metrics.

Reporting in all aspects of business is very important for the decision-makers to understand the goings-on of business day-to-day. If you’re undertaking Search Engine Optimisation work, SEO reporting is another necessity report.

If you’ve ever received a report from a non-specialist SEO Wigan agency or freelance SEO Wigan consultant, it’s likely you’ll have had a bad experience when it comes to reporting.

They’re frequently thought of as uninspiring, unexciting and quite frankly boring; filled with general technical information that can seem like gobbledygook. In addition, unless the decision-maker understands what to make of the technical aspects of an SEO report, they often get overlooked and deemed pointless.

Here at DISRUPT. Search Studios, We specialise in providing SEO Services Wigan with reporting suited to you. We condense technical information to make it informative yet concise. We show success and failure in the form of work activity and keyword rankings. The continued plan for how we’re going to achieve the next tasks and targets is always used as the SEO report’s conclusion, so you know what to expect next, and we always follow up with a discussion or meeting so no stone is left unturned.

Our end of the month reporting for clients is a genuinely exciting process.

SEO monthly reporting Keeping you in the know

The 4 Pillars of SEO.

‘The 4 Pillars of SEO’ are what define search engine optimisation activity in our day-to-day workload and strategies.

In order to cover the majority of activities that fit under the 4 main pillars of SEO, a wide range of skill sets are needed for a professional end-result and long-term success.

The pillars are a good example of why, as a business, the most logical investment into SEO will always be a specialist SEO Wigan agency. A dedicated SEO Wigan agency is able to offer the value and skillset to achieve the tasks required for long-term SEO success.

4 Pillars of SEO

Technical SEO.

Technical is a part of the basic SEO preparation but does need to be revisited as your site grows. It can seem daunting but really is how well Search Engines can read and operate your website. We use specialist tools to automatically analyse and audit your site to find errors and fix them.

Crawl. Can a search engine explore your site?

Index. Is it clear which pages the search engine should index and return?

Mobile. Does your site adapt for mobile users?

Speed. Fast page load times are a crucial factor in keeping your visitors happy.

Tech. Are you using search engine-friendly tech or CMS for your website?

Hierarchy. How is your content structured on your website?

4 Pillars of SEO

On-Site SEO.

With your On-site SEO, there are similar crossovers with Technical SEO but overall, On-site SEO is slightly more geared towards content and keywords. In essence, this is where we align your desired keywords with the pages that you want them to rank for.

Keyword research. Understand the language of your target audience.

Descriptive URLs. Ensure each URL is simple and descriptive.

Page titles. Use keywords naturally within the page title.

Meta descriptions. Craft meta descriptions like they were ad copy to drive clicks.

Content optimisation. Sensibly use keywords and variations in your page copy.

Good user experience (UX). Ensure your site is a joy to use and navigate.

Strong calls to action. Make it easy for your users to know what to do next.

4 Pillars of SEO

SEO Content.

The more that search engines advance, the more that content is becoming the deciding factor of your website’s rankings. A search engine optimisation strategy that revolves heavily around fantastic, high-quality content is a strategy that is heading for success.

Content for your services/products. What your business does and where you do this.

Credible Content. Why people should do business with you and value added.

Marketing Content. Expert content in your area of work.

4 Pillars of SEO

Off-Site SEO.

Off-site SEO is an activity that essentially results in other websites directing traffic back to your own website. Search engines still take backlinks into strong consideration when choosing their rankings. It’s done through a range of techniques but as search engines advance, there are good way’s to create backlinks and also toxic ways to create backlinks.

Guest Blog Posting

Industry News Sites


Social Media Platforms

The Search Engine Optimisation Process.

All of our ongoing SEO Wigan client’s journeys are usually very unique. As a dedicated and specialist SEO Wigan agency, we work on quality over quantity rather than the other way around. Our Search Engine Optimisation process represents this.

A typical example you may have come across of a quantity over quality would be: A majority of smaller ‘full-service agencies’ will provide fixed pricing tables with very rigid activity. They tend to include things such as “1x blog post per month” and “25 backlinks per day” as part of their package offering.

The reality is, we don’t know yet what we’ll be doing for you at this point. We need to assess where you are currently, what your industry is, how competitive our target keywords are and what your competition has to offer.

For an SEO Wigan service provider to state at this point that you’ll be provided with “1x blog post per month” represents that a bespoke approach to your SEO isn’t going to happen. It’s likely that the packages will start off at £99 per month and you’ll never see a decent ranking keyword in all of your time.

Instead, we take a structured approach and based on our initial findings, we’ll formulate a bespoke SEO Wigan strategy with targeted results.

Step 1:
Competitor and Keyword Research.

Step 2:
Technical and On-Site SEO.

Step 3:
SEO Content.

Step 4:
Link Building for SEO.

Step 5:
Our Workday and Client Transparency.

Step 6:
Reporting and SEO Analytics.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

SEO Research and Planning:
Getting started on your SEO Wigan Journey

In order to develop the greatest search engine optimisation campaign we can for you, initial research and planning is the absolute key in heading in the right direction for long-term results.

On the basis that you already have a domain name and active website, we run a detailed website audit. If you don’t have a domain or active site, it’s a matter of starting from scratch and developing a new, SEO Wigan optimised website design.

From the initial audit, we’ll understand where your website currently ranks. We’ll be able to see: Current ranking keywords, current traffic sources and improvements that need to be made on the website from the get-go.

Once your website’s status is fully recorded, we’ll then compare it to your closest competitors. This helps us with initial keyword inspiration but most importantly, an understanding of what we are up against.

The concluding but most crucial part of our research comes next: Our in-depth keyword research.

There are a number of variables that we take into consideration during the keyword research phase. As an SEO Wigan agency, our motivation for a sustained SEO relationship is of course; a return on our client’s investment.

We establish a large bank of keyword opportunities, but then develop the strategy based on short-term success, medium-term success and long-term success.

SEO is a long-term investment, but it doesn’t mean it can’t come with short-term wins as well.

Using our bank of keywords and key phrases, we create a priority order based on intent, traffic and difficulty. We won’t just aim for long-term targets, but equally, we won’t just aim for short-term targets. Our strategy is ripened to account for all three term-based outputs.

As a result of this, we’re able to show short-term results from as early as the first quarter. In the next two quarters, we’ll see improved medium-term results as well as promising long-term results, then finally as we look into the future; We’ll see massive increases in rankings between year 1, year 2 and year 3.

This is why the SEO research stage is so important. Your SEO Wigan path must be bespoke and adaptive.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

Our Technical SEO work

The technical side of SEO Wigan can be rewarding yet gruelling. Fortunately, search engines do provide guidance on how they traverse your website using their phenomenally complex algorithms.

This pillar will tend to require a technical web developer, experienced in website optimisation methods. It’s also very important as to how the website was originally developed.

For example, a ground-up custom-built website is more search engine friendly than a common WordPress website. If WordPress is the preferred option, a custom WordPress website is better for SEO than a pre-built WordPress theme. However, all of the above options are better than using options like GoDaddy, 123-reg or Wix web builders.

The more control over the site that is available, the better the site will be.

No matter where the website starting point is, our next task is to: Speed the site up to be as fast as possible, ensure Google fully understands the coding and structure of all pages and how mobile-friendly it all is (just to name a few).

Minor changes to the foundation of a website’s technical SEO can result in a number of significant rises. It’s likely that your business website would likely be in a better position today on the rankings if all of the basic requirements of technical SEO were ticked off.

Technical SEO is an area that needs attention from the get-go, however, it is something that gets continuously optimised as the months go by; depending on where the tasks sit within our strategies priority.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

Our On-Site SEO work

Stepping away from the hard-coding of the website, On-site search engine optimisation covers metadata, alt tags, user experience and current keyword density (to name a few).

On-site SEO begins implementing keyword research and is a way of telling search engines who we are, what we do and what we’d like to rank for.

Once integrated with tools such as SEMRush, Search Console and Analytics; On-Site planning can have you in the centre of a very crowded room without a clear path to the exit.

Search engines like Google take key website metrics into account for your search rankings. For example, if your website has an extraordinarily high bounce rate of 80%+, Google can see that current users don’t find the website or UX useful enough to explore the site and therefore may potentially impact and lower your rankings.

The same applies to other considerations like CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and CTR (click-through rates).

Transforming your website to create easy flowing access and easy to digest sections is compulsory for SEO Wigan success.

Our SEO Wigan strategy will help define this.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

SEO Content: The Golden Ticket to No.1

Here is where most “SEO Wigan Experts” fall down. ‘Techy People’ and ‘Design People’ tend to always stray away from content writing.

If your current SEO Wigan consultant continuously insists that they’ve been working on technical SEO for 2 years now, and ‘you’ll need to write your own blogs and news’, now is the time to switch.

Even if you’re an experienced content writer yourself; SEO Content requires a very specific structure and SEO theory behind it to hang out in the heavy-hitting keyword rankings.

Content is now one of the highest-ranking factors as far as search optimisation goes. Taking it one step further; content needs to be crafted with long-form in mind.

The average page that ranks in position 1 on Google has between 1800-2400 words or more.
It is structured to have very specific ranking triggers met. It is in-depth. It speaks about related topics and keywords. It’s time-consuming to create and most importantly – it’s very valuable for the searcher.

Long-form SEO content is beautiful and it is the beating heart of a successful SEO Wigan strategy.

For almost every keyword that we intend to rank for, we create well-crafted, well-researched, long-form content. Included within that content are images, graphics, illustrations, infographics, videos and faqs.

By creating content that holds so much value, your business will gain a level of trust that your competitors 5 sentence paragraph will never establish. As a result of great content, naturally, industry news sites and industry bloggers will begin referencing it over time.

Let’s take our very own SEO Wigan page here as a great example. No stone has been left unturned. We’ve poured as much useful information about every aspect of SEO onto this page. We’ve managed to mention almost every possible related keyword to SEO. And by speaking in such depth about our specialist SEO Wigan service – we have hopefully built up a level of trust based on our experience, expertise and investment in this.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

Our Off-site SEO work: Link building

Off-site SEO is also known as Link building or backlinking. It all means the same thing, but it doesn’t mean that it’s all done the same way.

One of the most frequent emails that EVEN WE GET as an SEO Wigan agency is spammy messages about ‘improving your SEO Wigan with 200+ backlinks per month”.

A little bit of history: When Google was in its early days, backlinking would be one of the most important ranking factors there was. If your website has a link to it from 2,000 other websites – you were likely in position 1.

The problem with these ‘other websites’ is that they consist of thousands upon thousands of spammy websites, set up specifically to provide backlinks to websites for SEO. They received no traffic and would serve no other purpose.

As time goes on, the search engine algorithms developed into incredible learning machines and one of the negative ranking factors that now gets picked up is ‘black hat backlinks’.

In the industry, there are generally 2 types of backlinks and strategies. ‘Black Hat and ‘White Hat’.

White Hat backlinks are links from credible, organic, authoritative websites that are linking to your website for a good reason. Whereas black hat backlinks are still the same old spammy websites.

This is actually really important though because some companies pay recurring budgets to ‘SEO Wigan Experts’ who simply, day after day, set up black hat backlinks to their website.

Short term, it’s likely that there will be some ranking improvements from it. But search engine algorithms are now too far ahead of the curve for this to be even considered anymore.

Long-term, your business will have invested lots of budget into this outdated SEO tactic to find your website with major search penalties and lucky to be on page 10.

Even if it still works right now for some websites, it won’t work for a great deal longer. Your site will drop off search results and it’ll be a long, hard climb back to the top.

If you only take one thing away from all of this, make sure it’s the awareness of the quality of backlinks that any SEO activity brings you. Otherwise, it will result in backlinks working against you.

Instead, we only focus on white hat backlink strategies. These include organic citation listings, to begin with, followed by a Digital PR outreach, walking hand in hand with content writing/creation, to create an authoritative backlink network and profile.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

Our workday and client transparency

Any new DISRUPT Search Studios SEO Wigan client is met with a full walkthrough of our systems and workflow.

Within our team, we’re able to dedicate a specialist individual to each of the 4 pillars of SEO. In addition to that, a dedicated point of contact and SEO Wigan manager.

Our pricing structures are set around hour-based contracts. Before the start of each month and in line with the ongoing strategy, client hours are distributed to the individual who’s best suited for each task at hand.

Managed from a central point, contract hours are spread evenly over the month period for each team members calendar. This organisation allows us to offer exact days and times that we’re working on your hours each month in advance. It also ensures that you’re never forgotten about, missed or interrupted. It works fantastically.

All of our clients receive access to their own personal SEO Wigan digital board, where we store a range of strategy information and updates. At the top, you’ll always see the priority task and who is working on it.

Once that team member has finished working on their planned activity, you’ll regularly receive an update email with some quick snippets of information. The team member will also update this information on your personal digital SEO Wigan board, so you can access it any time to see what’s going on.

At the end of each month, we produce a self-explanatory report and updates. Included with this is a timesheet with our work times and followed by an option catch up call or virtual meeting.

Communication is the key to our SEO Wigan success and strong relationships. We’re proud and confident to say that we believe you’ll struggle to find the same level of transparency in any SEO Wigan agency or consultant.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

Reporting and SEO Analytics

Up to now, the 4 pillars of SEO and SEO strategy have been the predominant focus of this information, but unless properly and regularly reviewed, any analytics absent SEO campaign can result in a painful result at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

It’s one thing to drive traffic to a website, but what if the determination is that this traffic is the wrong type of traffic?

Analytics can be monitored in various ways. One of the most common tools is Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We also integrate form tracking and call tracking software to further understand if conversions are relevant and invest worthy.

It’s through detailed analytics sessions that we are able to monitor: Where the traffic is coming from, What search terms and keywords are being clicked, What happens once users are on the site, the flow of their behaviours and conversion goal tracking (to name a few).

It’s from this data that a campaigns strategy manager will choose to either press on, on choose to tweak the strategy in order to increase or decrease any particular results.

As per our process, the point of contact for all SEO Wigan communication will be updated with all relevant findings and adaptions as a result.

Why you should choose DISRUPT. Search Studios

Why you should choose DISRUPT. Search Studios

As a specialist SEO Wigan agency, our growth has helped us achieve a very desirable status. We have the specialist skills and resource without the major overhead of the biggest city centre agencies.

Operating since 2015, we’re past the growing pains stage as far as business and agencies go.

Over this period, we’ve been able to establish a strong, knowledge and driven team of SEO Wigan Specialists, covering all activities within search engine optimisation.

We’ve worked with clients in a vast range of industries. As a result, we learn quickly and adapt to our environment smoothly.

We don’t spread ourselves too thin. We specialise in search engine marketing, working SEO Wigan and PPC (pay-per-click advertising) parallel hand-in-hand. The results we generate speak for themselves.

If your toilet was blocked, you wouldn’t call your local mechanic. So why would you let a dedicated web designer, or a social media manager, or a graphic designer handle your SEO Wigan? For the best value for your investment, DISRUPT Search Studios are a dedicated SEO Wigan agency with the tools and know-how to do the job at hand properly. For SEO services in Wigan, there’s no other choice but a specialist SEO Wigan agency.

Our SEO Wigan client base

We have both small and large search engine marketing clients.

Search Engine Optimisation is a difficult service to assign fixed pricing options to. As far as digital marketing services go, SEO is a time consuming, long-term service. It covers a vast range of skills sets and tasks, we advise that SEO should be invested in as if it was a part-time member of staff at a very minimum.

Business leaders say that a businesses marketing budget should be approximately 10% of gross annual profits.

However, we do believe that every business should have the opportunity to invest in SEO for the future success of their business.

Our search engine marketing client base ranges from sole traders up to companies with turnovers at £10million+

At the start of an SEO Wigan project with DISRUPT Search Studios, we always ensure to set the correct expectations for budgets. Using statistics and milestones, we’re able to showcase the difference in hour allocations and estimates on traffic conversions.

There is no difference in the quality of search engine optimisation service provided between our small and large SEO Wigan clients. Rather, the difference is merely in time allocations per month. The more time invested, the quicker the results are generated.

For additional affordability and value for your SEO Wigan budget, we offer discounted price offerings with longer-term commitments. See our pricing table for pricing guidelines and hour allocations.

Our SEO Wigan Client Base

SEO Questions Answered.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?2022-01-02T15:18:28+00:00

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising.

SEO is a planned workload to position your website at the top of search engines organic search rankings. It doesn’t cost anything to be here but it does take time, reliability and consistency. Once you’re positioned at the top, you may not always stay there. Regular activity and fresh content are important for keeping your top spot. However, SEO can be the better long-term return on investment.

PPC is an instant, paid advertising option to appear at the very top of any search results. It doesn’t cost to be there, but you pay per click through to your website. The cost per click varies on the competitiveness of the keyword. You can stop and start your PPC campaigns at any time. It’s always advised that a professional pay-per-click ads manager is worked with because paid adverts require attention and experience to keep optimised and stay on budget.

Here at DISRUPT Search Studios, we are a specialist SEO Agency and PPC Agency, operating throughout the UK with a large range of clients.

What is your best method for SEO?2022-01-02T15:17:59+00:00

A frequent medium and long-term strategy that we use to generate successful, long-standing search engine optimisation results is a series of long-form pillar and cluster content.

This is where we build a main pillar of content, tackling a competitive keyword. This is followed by a cluster of surrounding long-form content targeting related, less competitive keywords and phrases. During the production of a cluster, we will amend previous sections and connect the entire cluster and pillar together to create a web of relevant traffic flow.

Once finalised, we would use digital PR techniques to generate high authority backlinks to the entire cluster of content, and most importantly, the main pillar.

Does SSL improve SEO?2022-01-02T15:17:29+00:00

Search Engines, and Google specifically, have implemented algorithm changes that affect websites that are still HTTP instead of HTTPS, without an SSL. This is for users safety and security reasons. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, your organic rankings will likely be majorly affected.

It’s also important for your general web visitor safety to install an SSL certificate and ensure your website displays HTTPS. Your website developer should be able to set this up for you without too much difficulty. As part of our SEO and web design service, our team at DISRUPT Search Studios can also help with organising and installing an SSL Certificate on your website.

Does PPC help SEO?2022-01-02T15:17:02+00:00

In official terms, a search engines response is always a ‘nope’. However, in-direct results from a PPC campaign running in parallel with an SEO campaign on the same keyword and search phrase will help Google better understand how audiences act on your website, increase general traffic, increase repeat users and increase conversions (to name a few) and naturally, the landing page will therefore meet organic ranking triggers quicker and begin to climb the rankings.

Analytics have shown a connection between landing pages with a pay-per-click budget being spent on them and quicker organic ranking increase in these landing pages.

How long does it take for SEO to work?2022-01-02T15:16:34+00:00

A very difficult question to answer without first performing specific SEO keyword research. Different rankings and keywords have different difficulties and competition.

The higher the competition, the longer it takes to gain rankings for that search. Then for less competitive searches, the quicker it is to rank.

However, competition is usually based on how much traffic a keyword or search term generates. The higher a keyword’s traffic, the more competitive they tend to be. Vise Versa, the lesser the traffic, the less competition there usually is.

Working with a specialist SEO agency, an initial strategy will generate 3 groups of keywords. Easy, Medium & Hard. Then each month, keywords for all 3 groups will be targeted, allowing for short, medium and long-term return on investment.

Short-term, easy, low traffic and low competition keywords can show ranking results from as early as 3 months. Whereas long-term, hard, high traffic and high competition keywords can take 1-2 years+ before a top 3 position ranking is achieved. It all depends on the target search term/keyword.

Is SEO free?2022-01-02T15:15:59+00:00

In essence, SEO is free to achieve. So yes, SEO is a free way of marketing your website and business. However, search engine optimisation techniques come at a cost of both time and experience. Even the basic workload of optimising a website for better search engine rankings is a complex process. Usually, it requires more than just one person’s skill set to do it successfully.

If processed incorrectly, certain activities performed with SEO in mind can actually create a negative impact on a website. The best action to take would be to speak to a specialist SEO agency for the best results.

What does an SEO agency do?2022-01-02T15:15:32+00:00

An SEO agency will perform regular search engine optimisation activities and tasks that fit into the 4 pillars of SEO, allowing search engines to better rank a website. This includes work such as: Technically optimising a website, Researching keywords and content, creating new content enriched with keywords, adding images/infographics and videos, Monitoring and reporting for keyword growth, generating backlinks and digital PR outreach, and finally reporting on SEO success and growth.

How does SEO work?2022-01-02T15:15:04+00:00

Search engines use ‘bots’ to crawl pages on the web, going from site to site, collecting information about those pages and putting them in an index.

Algorithms analyse pages in the index, taking into account hundreds of ranking factors or signals, to determine the order pages should appear in the search results for a given query.

These factors fit into ‘The 4 pillars of SEO’: Technical SEO, On-Site SEO, SEO Content and Off-site SEO.

What is SEO?2022-01-02T15:14:33+00:00

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”. In simple terms, it is the process of improving a website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business on Google, Bing and other search engines.

The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

In-house or outsourced SEO?

The question isn’t really whether Search Engine Optimisation should be invested in.

Search Engines are so deeply embedded into people lives in this modern generation, dominating your rankings short-term and long-term is the most guaranteed digital marketing investment that a business can make.

SEO needs to be the foundation of your entire marketing strategy and ongoing future success.

So the next question is whether it’s invested in through an SEO Wigan agency, or whether you choose to hire an in-house SEO Wigan executive.

The answer will always be: An SEO Wigan agency.

Hiring and Training an in-house SEO Wigan individual takes time, resources and uncertainty. With an SEO Wigan agency, the hiring and training are done for you. You also don’t need to concern over holiday’s, payroll or tribunals should anything not work out. Plus, do any current internal management know what an SEO Wigan professional should truly look like?

Agencies are more flexible than in-house. And by flexible, we mean scalable. Scaling such a specialist sector is difficult when you already have general business staffing and growth to focus on. SEO is a separate business on its own.

SEO isn’t a one-man job. As we’ve seen, to run an effective long-term SEO strategy, it’s highly unlikely that an individual will have the skill sets to have the same impact an agency would. If they do, they are usually director level – but even then they still won’t cover every base.

An agency will offer more than just SEO. We also focus on PPC, Web Design, Web App Development, UX Design, Analytics, Project Management and Digital Marketing Strategy. An SEO Wigan agency takes away the majority of the stress.

What’s Next?

Start your SEO Journey with DISRUPT.

Start your SEO Journey with DISRUPT.

Firstly, thank you for making it all the way to this point. Hopefully, by now, you are excited at the thought of both exploring search engine optimisation and also working with us here at DISRUPT Search Studios.

If you’re keen on having a conversation about DISRUPT Search Studios helping with your SEO Wigan efforts, together we need to establish 4 main things right away.

  1. What is your current SEO situation?
  2. Who do you deem to be your biggest rival competitor?
  3. What is the SEO budget that you’d like to invest into SEO?
  4. Then, based on budget, some potential keyword overviews for short-term, medium-term and long-term (with projections)

Ready to give it a go?
Start by filling in the below form and we’ll take it from there:

Let us evaluate your current SEO situation:

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Who is your main competitor?

Let us know who you inspire to overtake in the rankings so we can access your competition for you.

What is your monthly SEO investment budget?

Finally, your details:

Any additional Information:

Note: Don’t worry, by filling in this form you aren’t committing to any agreement with us based on submitted details. We also promise not to pester you. Look forward to hopefully speaking soon.

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