The Relationship Between SEO and PPC

The Relationship Between SEO and PPC

Whilst Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click are two different digital marketing channels, they can be used to complement each other and provide an increased Return on Investment (ROI).

This is essentially because they both focus primarily on search engines and are keyword & content driven.

The key differences between SEO & PPC

SEO and PPC share the common approach of driving traffic directly to a website, usually with one or more goals in mind:

  • To convert a visitor to make a purchase
  • To generate a converted lead
  • To build brand awareness
  • + more

SEO generates traffic from searches followed by a click through to an organic search listing. While PPC generates traffic from searches followed by a click through to a paid search listing.

You can tell which search results are PPC ads as they display “Ad” next to them, on the left of the result. As you can see, when we type the term “electrician near me” into Google, the first three results are all paid ads. These are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

PPC Adverts

The top organic results are the first websites displayed AFTER the paid ads section.

Organic Search Results

How PPC supports SEO

Many factors contribute to your website’s SEO. The factors tend to be grouped into ‘The 4 pillars of SEO’:

  • Technical
  • On-site
  • Content
  • Off-site

Whilst paid ads don’t directly count towards your search engine organic rankings, they do help to associate your website with target keywords and drive relevant traffic towards your website.

A website’s organic rankings are contributed to a wide range of factors. The SEO ranking factors that PPC helps to improve include:

  • Increased traffic
  • Website conversion rates
  • Website user flow
  • Website bounce rates
  • + more

As PPC helps to show positive improvements in ranking factors like these, a website’s SEO can begin to benefit from both target and related keywords that you’re advertising on.

How SEO supports PPC

Keyword research is the most important part of any PPC or SEO campaign.
The success of SEO and PPC comes down to choosing keywords that are aimed at your website’s audience and their search intent.

Optimising your PPC landing pages with an SEO structure/quality for target keywords within your Google Ads campaign can help to improve your PPC campaign’s overall quality score. As a result of high PPC quality scores, your pay-per-click campaign will benefit from:

  • A better click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Lower cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Increased conversion-rate-optimisation (CRO)
  • General overall improved performance

If you are preparing to optimise your website’s search engine indexing and want to launch a complementing paid advertising campaign to support your efforts, feel free to speak to us about your next step.

DISRUPT. Search Studios is a specialist SEO & PPC digital marketing agency. As a part of our work, we assist with:

  • Conducting thorough competitor and keyword research into your industry.
  • Optimise your website technically, on-site, content and off-site for both SEO and PPC growth.
  • Focus on complex user-experience (UX) and conversion-rate-optimisation (CRO)
  • Monitor and optimise your websites SEO and PPC efforts for maximum Return on investment (ROI)

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